Tax Relief Legislation

Legislation that could benefit parents and business-owners is currently moving through Congress. The House has passed the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024. It now faces an uncertain future in the Senate. The legislation would make changes to the child tax credit and to certain business tax provisions. Some significant provisions […]

Old 401(k), New Tricks: 6 Tips for Rolling Over Your 401(k)

The average American worker will change jobs more than once in their lifetime. While there are multiple options such as leaving your 401(k) in your former plan if allowed, cashing out the account balance, or transferring the 401(k), many decide to roll over their old 401(k) to their new employer’s plan or other investment vehicles […]

Retiring Early As a Couple: A Financial Love Story

Retiring early as a couple is a goal shared by many, and if planned comprehensively, it may provide opportunities for travel, passion projects, and more quality time together. Retiring simultaneously can bring many benefits, such as shared experiences and time together, which may result in a stronger bond. However, it is essential to note that […]

4 Tax Planning Tips for High-Net-Worth Families

Tax planning might be complex, but it’s also essential—especially for high-net-worth families, where missing tax breaks or failing to optimize income could cost significant dollars, maybe millions, over a lifetime. And even in the short term, with the highest marginal federal tax rate sitting at 37% for 20241 (plus additional state and local taxes), a […]

8 Financial Wellness Tips to Help Manage Generational Wealth

Asset management and financial wellness can help develop long-term confidence when wealth transfers from generation to generation. Understanding and implementing financial wellness techniques is essential for effectively sharing wealth with the next generations. Here are some financial wellness tips to help manage generational wealth transfer more confidently: Tip #1 – Participate in Estate Planning A […]

2024 Outlook

In 2024, LPL Research believes markets will make a definitive turn to a more recognizable place. En route, the transition will be marked by meaningful shifts in a few key areas. Inflation is going down. The risk of a recession is bubbling up again as the effect of post-pandemic stimulus wanes. And the end of […]

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree: 5 Christmas Tree Facts

One of the most popular icons of the Christmas season is the Christmas tree. It has become a symbol of the holidays and the center point for Christmas displays, party decorations, and events. During the Christmas season, you may find almost every manner of Christmas tree, from plastic-colored versions to fresh-cut ones that are stories […]

The Subtle Difference Between Charity and Philanthropy

Charity and philanthropy are two terms related to giving that are often used interchangeably, even though they differ. While the difference is subtle, it is essential to understand the differences between charity and philanthropy in terms of giving, as well as the pros and cons of each. What Is Charity? Charity is a form of […]

Year-End Planning for Retirees

As we approach the last quarter of each year, it is a good time to plan for the next one. Year-end planning is especially important for existing retirees and those hoping to retire in the next few years. There are tax and income strategies you might consider regarding your financial assets. Here are three steps […]